Friday, September 9, 2011


I come to the realization that I hate most "diet" foods. Such as: carrot sticks and celery, fat-free mayo/salad dressings, fat-free cheese, most "meal" shakes/bars, and plain grilled chicken and fish. I have looked at everything I enjoy that is a good food choice for me and it's pretty varied: Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, olive oil, bulgur wheat, most soups and stews, sushi, hibachi/stirfry, fresh or frozen fruits, hummus...What these all seem to have in common is rich flavors and interesting textures. I basically hate boring food, which is what most "diet" food is. I need to stick with what is interesting and tastes good and is satisfying. The things to avoid are deep-fried, overly greasy or sweet, and too big of portions of anything. I feel like Ben & Jerry's is within reason as long as it's not often and not the whole pint in one sitting.

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