Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Post Graduation

I've been out of school for three weeks now although it seem slike longer. I am officially graduated from USI with a Bachelor's of Science in Food & Nutrition with a concentration in Foodservice Management!

I've been doing fairly well eating. I have been eating much more fruits, vegetables, homemade yogurt, and meats. I have really cut back on grains and legumes. I'm following a Primal diet about 75% of the time and am working on building it back up to 85-90%. I haven't lost any more weight but since I started eating Primal about 5 weeks ago I have dropped from 197 to 188 and stayed there even through eating all sorts of stuff at graduation parties. Even when I ate too many starchy carbohydrates at a meal, I kept eating well at other meals to help compensate and I think this has helped me not to gain weight back. Now I am getting back on track to keep losing weight.

I also bought a Wii and WiiFit for super cheap used...$100! It came with the controller, nun-chuck, the WiiFit board and game, and of course the console. The store also threw in Resident Evil IV for free! So, WiiFit games are fun and actually challenging, so that is a fun new form of fitness I can do at home.

I have been truly slacking on the gym...I haven't gone in a month but thankfully I have been staying fairly active at home. I'm going to go Friday morning and Monday morning to help re-establish a schedule.

That's all for now; I hope everybody has a wonderful day!

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