Monday, December 12, 2011

Almost Christmas!

I have been doing fairly well. I didn't eat like crazy at Thanksgiving. I actually managed to eat at only one house this year. A lot of times I have to go to several houses to please family. Finals have been stressful but are almost over. Exercise has been a bust however. This is due to a combination of school, work, being sick, and being lazy when otherwise occupied. I'm still trying to build a successful exercise habit. What I want is to do various cardio workouts 4-6 days a week and weight train 2 days a week, with abdominal exercise on the non weight lifting days.

Monday - Cardio and upper body
Tuesday - Cardio and abs
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday Cardio and abs
Friday - Cardio and lower body
Saturday - Cardio and abs
Sunday - rest

I'm also slowly but surely re-building the habit of writing what I eat/drink down in a small book in my purse.

Wish me luck!

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